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Thursday, 11 October 2012

“Guilty Pleasure” - I’m not scared

‘Guilty Pleasure’ – why? Why is it a ‘Guilty Pleasure’? It’s not dodgy – it’s something you like so why ‘Guilty’ like it’s a criminal offense to discuss or admit to?
Do not panic! I’m not talking about kinky f@ckery or anything like that – I’m talking about music.
As you all know I have a fabulous relationship with music and it accompanies me and the boys each and every day whether it be the Radio (#TeamGrimmy), TV or Playlist on my iPhone (and yes Apple Technologies – I’m pimping your stuff so pimp my blog and send me an iPhone 5).
I wish I could sing or play a musical instrument but I can’t – I mean I do have the power of ‘Dance’ as one of my super human skills that most are jealous of but to sing would be awesome! I’d make a brilliant Rock Star – I have the shoes and everything.

It does piss me off when people turn around and say “This song is my guilty pleasure” – WTF??? It’s a song – don’t be afraid – let us know your choices (unless it’s Death Metal or some crap like that).

It’s not just dates that mark milestones in our lives; songs do too.
When I was pregnant with the MSB I used to play him loads of music. You could instantly tell which ones he liked as he’d dance a mini rumba in my belly!! I loved it, loved sharing something with him that was just us.

The MSB’s favourite was John Mayer: No Such Thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1W2UddURXI the John Mayer thing only lasted through the pregnancy and then we moved onto other songs – I have a tendency to fall in and out of love with musicians and their songs and forget about my obsessions with their albums.
So john Mayer was lost until last year when a colleague at work asked to look at my iTunes (Apple I’m pimping again) and recommended some more John Mayer and a few others. It jump started my memories of being pregnant and that evening I put on ‘No Such Thing’ whilst cooking the dinner – I must of done something right whilst pregnant as the MSB came running into the kitchen stating: “This is my favourite song Mum!!! It makes me smile!” – I tell you what I nearly bloody fainted!

Just imagine if it was mandatory to submit a soundtrack to your lives? If you had to pick just three Albums per decade, what would yours be?

Decade 1 The 1980’s – When I wasn’t allowed to touch the Record Player/Tape Deck:
1)   Wham: Club Tropicana – I used to share a bedroom with my Sister and she was 13 years older than me so she used to be getting ready for a night on the town listening to this and discussing perms with her mates! Best Song: Club Tropicana of Course!
2)   Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night - My parents getting back together and listening to this whilst travelling down to our annual holiday in Cornwall. Best Song: Everywhere
3)   Pink Floyd: The Wall

Decade 2 The 1990’s – When I had my own tape deck and could record things off of the Top 40 on a Sunday and the era of Film Soundtracks:
1)   Extreme II: Pornograffiti – My first love, lying on his bed listening to ‘More than Words’. Best Song: More Than Words
2)   Massive Attack: Blue Lines – Second boyfriend era (idiot) but also the era of going to gigs and concerts. Best Song: Hymn of The Big Wheel
3)   Nirvana: Nevermind. Best Song: Come as you are.

Decade 3 The 2000’s – When I met the MSB’s Dad and the Nokia 8210 was all the rage:
1)   Justin Timberlake: Like I love You – Passing my driving test and having a CD player in my car! Best Song: Senorita
2)   Coldplay: Parachutes – Awesome. Best Song: Parachutes
3)   Paolo Nutini: These Streets – Delicious Voice but dark times for me. Best Song: Loving You

Decade 4 The 2010’s – When I recovered from the 2000’s and was waiting to hit my 30’s as my 20’s hadn’t been pleasant:
1)   John Mayer: Continuum (this was released mid 90’s but passed me by) – This has got to be one of my all-time favourites EVER! Best song: In Repair
2)   Charlie Simpson: Young Pilgrim – Absolutely Brilliant Album. Best Song: Sundown
3)   Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More. Best Song: Awake My Soul

The next time someone says to you “I can’t believe you like that song”:  Tell them to do one!
or you find yourself saying “This is my guilty pleasure” – Don’t! It’s a song FFS!


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