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Thursday, 11 August 2011

JD - Punch or Thank Him???

After some thought yesterday I decided to tell JD about the blog, after all; it will mention him quite a lot… ;-)
So after dinner I told him about it all and asked him, rather nervously, if he wanted to read it and he said yes.
I waited in anticipation for his reaction…. And do you know what he said??? He came out with a whole load of criticisms!! I didn’t know whether to punch him in the face or thank him.
Let’s face it – it was my first blog and as my partner (in my mind) he should’ve left the criticising for possibly a week later rather than dish it all out at once!!
But I also know that he is one of my best friends so after the initial punching him the face reaction I realised that I should welcome his comments and see how I could improve the blog.

You wanna know more about JD and why I had the tendency to punch him in the face? (Actually I have that tendency on a day to day basis with quite a lot of people, not just JD!!)

JD has OCD’s and is a perfectionist and strives for it in everything he does. He’s also my perfect match.
 When I first met him I just thought he was really moany about the way things should be in the house and me being ‘Miss Independent’ fought it all the way! This resulted in sooooooo many arguments it was unreal!! “Why do the cushions have to sit on the sofa like that? What’s wrong with the way I do them?” And “What does it matter if I didn’t draw the curtains in the living room before leaving for work… I was in a rush”. (And that’s him talking, not me).
  It took me a long time to learn he borders slightly on the A Spectrum and things done differently to him can make him feel uncomfortable and play on his mind a lot. He’s a worrier – unlike me who’s so relaxed I’m horizontal!! So when it comes to his thoughts and views on the things I’ve done, such as writing a blog, he will critique it and it can come across as very harsh at times, but in his mind he’s doing it so that it will be perfect eventually and perfect is good, it’s calm and it’s correct.

Hmmm what else shall I tell you about JD??? I know –
Like a lot of men JD loves boobies!!! I can be talking to him about something, and know he’s not taking a blind bit of notice, and I’ll deliberately say “Boobies” and his head will pick up, back straight, eyes bright…”Where?”. I also mention this because it seems to be reflected more and more in the MSB and the SSB!! You want some examples?? OK:-

·         On accompanying the SSB to nursery on Father’s Day to ice Ginger Bread Men …….“Daddy, look at my teacher’s REALLY BIG BOOBIES!!”  at top volume across the school hall
·         On asking the MSB and SSB what Daddy’s favourite thing was, thinking they’d say me…… “Boobies!!”
·         On driving along with us all in the car, JD at the steering wheel, and having to do an emergency stop before hitting the car in front……. Me –“WTF are you doing” JD – “Sorry I was looking at that girls’ boobs”….Laughter and “Where, where?” coming from the back seat

Now believe or not it really doesn’t bother me because -
A)    I’d love to have bigger boobs
B)    They are a distraction, you just can’t help but notice some of them


C)    Let’s face it ladies, now thanks to the era of skinny jeans, we can’t help but check out the tightness of men’s bum cheeks. Or , thanks to the JLS/The Wanted era of tight white vests and an open lumberjack shirt, we can’t help but look to see how ripped they are!!

My examples for this:-

·         On watching the Celtic Vs Legends match the other night….. JD – “You normally read when I’m watching the footie?” ME – “I know, but Gerard Butler’s playing, and out of ten… I’d give him one”
·         On my obsession with the X-Men films…… JD – “It’s because of the Wolverine I have to keep sitting through this shit, isn’t it?”
·         On me choosing clothes for JD – “You’ve bought me the wrong size jeans… I can actually see the outline of my manhood” Me – “ I know”

So there you go – a little insight to my life with JD. You’ll get to know more about us along the way, but today I’ve kept it short as I’ve had a lot of work on, it’s nearly 7pm and I’ve got to go and fix a couple of things on the wards before I drive home to make dinner (Chicken Curry).

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