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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

We continue.... Blog Day 1

OK as we're all on a learning curve here I have no problems with you all knowing what I look like - hence the profile pic and most people call me Tink for my love of Fairy's and differently normal way of thinking...

So hello, I'm Tink!
As I shall be writing about my family and closest ones (at times) I shall stick to nick names...

My Mum has always been known as Mumina and plays a major part in my life on practically a day to day basis.
My partner, whom I live with, is JD
My 9 year old son is MSB = Medium  Sized Boy
My 4 year old step-son is SSB = Small Sized Boy

As I constantly work with computers and IT I have become more and more reliant on the spelling and grammar checkers so many apologies if there's ALOT of mistakes. What am I saying?? "If there's.." Of course there will be!

Thats the main characters sorted... Now lets bring you up to speed on what I've been up to lately. I'll only go back a couple of weeks as I know I shall touch on most of my past at some point and I don't want to inundate you with everything!!

Friday 5th August 2011 see's us flying back from 2 weeks in Turkey. Mumina paid for herself, me, JD and MSB to go. The SSB wasn't allowed to go as he's never been abroad before, only 4 and quite frankly I don't think his Mum was ready to be parted from him for 2 weeks - fair one in my opinion.
It wasn't the classiest hotel in the world and I managed to get a Bacterial Infection in my stomach and intestines - which was nice. Luckily the MSB didn't get it.

So we're back from holiday, bronzed and relaxed - wouldn't go to Turkey again, unless someone could recommend a super-duper hotel that's cool for kids etc..????? Post your suggestions my lovelies!!!

Monday see's me, JD and Mumina back to work and the MSB flying off to Spain with his Dad, Step-Mum, Brother and Sister - the lucky little monkey! Both the SSB and the MSB get double of EVERYTHING coming from split parent families. It's the guilt you see.

Monday also see's me fighting the work email battle... I won mainly due to the fact the mojority of it was Junk Mail and I'm obviously not that popular... My desk has also been violated by my colleague, who's a messy git.
So I spend the first part of the morning sorting that lot out, then on to the BIG stuff.... Online Banking... I was hearing the Jaws music all morning until our balances were finally revealed. I won't lie - it was painful, like the shark had actually got me....
Like the rest of civilisation at the moment; JD and I constantly worry about money. We're both self employed so there's no holiday pay and as Turkey was  last minute we put the blinkers on and thought "Sun, Sun, Sun, it'll be fine, the sun will fix it".
As I've been absolutely terrible with money in the past I will not have a Credit Card for emergencies, like JD does, so I've had to ask if I can use his to get my petrol for this week and advised him to do the same to allow our bank balances to regenerate. I know credit is not the answer but in the world of interest rates the card fairs better than the overdraft at the moment.
I have also made an appointment with a mortgage advisor, on Saturday. "Why???" I hear you ask.. Well we live in a different town to all our family and friends and would like to move back to them, as at the moment it's a forty minute drive to get to them, an hour to get the MSB to school and hour and 1/2 to get to work for me. We miss being able to go to a BBQ and then either cycle or walk home. I know we don't really stand a chance at moving this year, but I'd like to know what we've got to do to make the move achievable even if it takes two years.

And that, my lovelies, brings us up to today. I'm sitting here eating Granny Smith's Apples - I seem to be a bit addicted to them at the moment - NO I'm not pregnant!!
Oh and I'm listening to my 'Recently Listened To' Playlist on my iPhone.
Soon I shall be heading home to cook steak medallions, but not yet. There's a fair bit of work for me to do before I leave so I'd better stop chatting and get back to it!

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