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Thursday, 1 September 2011

BACK TO SCHOOL – Oh Yeahhhhh!! A day in the life of our strange mixed up family!!

Hello Mummy, is it wakey time? I’ve wet the bed”………..

BANG!!! That’s me up, dressing gown on, checking the time – 4:30 AM - Hmm not quite ‘Wakey’ time.
ME, Whispering- “OK honey, did it wake your brother?”
SSB, Loud Whispering –  NO!! I it was a quiet wee, silly Mummy, but I did lick his face and that might have blisturbed him”
ME, Whispering – “You mean ‘Disturbed’ and please don’t lick your brother, we can’t guarantee he washes”
 (He and the MSB have bunk beds so he must have ascended the ladder (most probably rather noisily) grabbed his brother’s face and licked it)
I’m in Autopilot mode now; clean sheet, bed mats, PJ’s and baby wipes are waiting by the SSB’s bed.
The light stays off as I strip the bed, remake, and redress the SSB. I hear a soft snore from the top bunk, phew! We can put the licking incident down to a dream – two boys awake at 4:30 AM?? No thank you down that road – madness lies.
I’m back in bed by 4:35 AM… Thank God it’s the weekend and I can get a lie-in – yeah right, it takes me over an hour to get back to sleep, then it’s getting light outside, then I hear the ‘pad pad padding’ of the SSB getting up….
“Please stay in bed just a little while longer” I think…. And BINGO he does, I can hear him playing with the teddy bears in his bed!!  ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Mummy! I’ve been awake for all the day and now I’m bery bery hungry”……………

BANG!!!!! Dressing gown on, down stairs, breakfast etc.  – 7:30AM. Sometimes I get lucky and the MSB will get up with the SSB, stick a DVD on for them (I know, shock horror, letting my kids watch a DVD so that I can get more sleep) and sort out the breakfast. This is, of course, for a ‘small fee’ but it’s worth it!!!
And that’s how most of my week end mornings go!!! It’s part of my routine - I like routine.

I’m a terrible one for Summer Holidays - EVERYTHING gets turned upside down – the routine goes and I hate it.
Don’t get me wrong, I love it if we’re on holiday somewhere where the work, washing and pets aren’t calling…
But trying to work full time in the summer hols whilst your children almost divorce you for doing so is not fun.
So I’m now in the phase of getting ‘bery bery’ excited about the boys going back to school!! Back to the old routine!! It’s not as normal as most people’s and can be crazy at times;  there can be tears, tantrums, refusing to get dressed (and that’s just me)……

Monday’s aren’t too bad as it’s just the SSB and me I have to sort out (the MSB is at his Dad’s).
JD gets up about 5:50AM I’m not programmed to hear his alarm so it doesn’t disturb me….. My alarm comes a little bit later either in the form of “Mummy….” Or Mumford & Sons “Awake My Soul” – I had a slight obsession with this album when it came out and thought “I’ll have that song as my alarm tone!” Big Mistake as I’d now like to hunt Marcus Mumford down and awake his soul at twenty past six in the morning. I know I could change this but like I said I’m now programmed to LEAP out of bed at this….. Or press snooze….

So we’re up and usually hit the first hurdle of:
SSB -  I’m not wearing those pants
ME – “Why?
SSB – “They’re not cool; they’ve got stupid diggers on
ME – “Ok, what are cool pants then?”
SSB – “The ones with boats on
Naturally these are in the wash……
ME – “Bubs, please just wear those and we can swap them when we get to Mummy’s house” ” – it sounds odd that the SSB calls me Mummy as well as his real Mummy, it’s not something I’ve insisted on or anything like that – he’s chosen to call me that, I think because the MSB does and he copies everything his big bro does.

SSB as he’s walking back to his bedroom – “Hmmm we’ll see…”

I find him half an hour later hiding in my wardrobe – this seems to be something little boys do when it comes to discovering their preferred choice of briefs is not available! I remember the MSB hiding in one of my kitchen cupboards when he was about 5 because they Megatron pants were in the wash – apparently the leader of the Decepticons should not bow down and wear pants brandishing Optimus Primes face – Silly Mummy!

The pants are on and we come to the second hurdle:  I’m not going to school today; I’m going to Argos for the day”. Argos is the sacred home of Moshi Monsters and Ben10 Figures…
Luckily this is not my fight – “You’ll have to discuss that with Mummy”
So we negotiate that this will be discussed when back with his Mum…..

Out the door at 7:45 AM
 SSB dropped off at about 8:00 AM and we’re off to work….

I get to work about 9:15 – I LOVE MY JOB and I LOVE going to work! Staying at home as a full time Mum has proved to be my downfall in the past, it just didn’t run smoothly. Don’t get me wrong, I have constant cloud of guilt following me around when I work full time – I don’t get to see a lot of the MSB and I’m not in a position to work part time. Sometimes I feel quite sick when I add up the actual hours I’ve spent with the MSB over the course of the week.

 It’s taken a while to love my job, when I first passed my Project Management exams and began work as a PM for the NHS I was shit at it, quite frankly. I had absolutely no leadership qualities at all! I knew the theory but couldn’t quite put it into practise. I prefer being told what to do in all honesty.
So I go through my working day which can sometimes involve me walking a lot throughout the hospital or just sitting at my desk doing stuff there, I’d love to say I’m very busy and important and am the lynchpin of the NHS – I’m not. I’m more of a ‘Go To Girl’ for the IT projects and partake in managing certain things but I love it.

I leave work at different times each day depending on what’s occurring with the MSB. I’m lucky in the fact Mumina works 6AM - 2PM so the MSB gets dropped off there by one of the lovely Mums from school whom I share the school run with.
Monday’s I finish about six and get to Mumina’s for half past. JD is already there as its 5 aside night so we use Mumina’s as a pit stop.
Monday is about the only night we all get to eat dinner as a family, the rest of the time MSB eats with Mumina, then I pick him up, get home for about half 7 and make dinner for me and JD.
If I’ve been super organised I’ve already prepped the dinner and just have to chuck it in a pan/wok or the oven – it’s not ideal but it works for us and until we move closer to our jobs, the MSB’s school and our families it is what it is.
On a good night we’re sitting down together by 9PM – so about once a week then!!! The MSB has to be in bed by 8:30pm purely due to the crazy time we have to leave each morning… But for me the washing, tidying and organising starts calling…..
We go through this routine until Friday night – Movie and Pizza night!! I get to cuddle up with my boys and relax.................ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello Mummy, is it wakey time? I’ve wet the bed”………..

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